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Skyblew x SublimeCloud (The Digi Destined) - Episode 1: Clouded Dreams & Beautiful Memories (Album)

Skyblew is at it again with another Nerdcore project, although boxing him into that category is a great disservice, as he's one of my favorite new artists that makes truly uplifting music. Mr. Blew's style, as far as I've listened to him, has been a mixture of layed-back, "Jet Life" style production and sensibilities, mixed with contemplative and introspective lyrics. Although at times Skyblew might tackle darker issues, he never lets the darkness overtake or dictate the music, which can be taken as a musical decision that also doubles as an analogy to his overall message. This time around, he's partnered with like-minded producer SublimeCloud on a full-length album. SublimeCloud has been keeping busy as of late as well, releasing a beat tape compiling instrumentals he's released over the last year (most or all of them sampling different anime and videogame theme songs), and gearing up for a new EP entitled Homegrown Vol. 1: Endless Journey. Personally, I was already super-excited to get another Skyblew project after his excellent debut album, which I can't praise enough, and the Digimon reference was just the icing on the cake. 
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